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Yes, we also offer products and services for non-automotive purposes. As with automotive purposes though, the inquired volume of batteries, engine or components has to be right for us.

Thank you very much for your inquiry, but we do not support projects that are related to military purposes.

Thank you very much for your inquiry, but unfortunately we cannot support your project because there is a minimum sales volume that has to be fulfilled.

Due to the broad variety of engine purposes and possible applications, there is no defined standard package for our engines. The price is always depending on the scope of delivery, the volume and the customer-specific engineering service that is needed for the development of your product. Our sales department is looking forward to discuss further details with you.

We like to support your solutions with our expertise. Keep in mind though that your project opportunity has to meet some criteria like a high enough volume, a defined scope and feasibility. If your inquiry has the potential to meet these criteria please contact our sales department for the initial contact establishment. Additionally you can find a broad overview of the project stages in the website section "Our Services".

Our focus is to provide the drive for many Business-to-Business solutions. This means we do not deal in single engine sales or selling aftersales parts to end-consumers. Please contact your local BMW dealer for an inquiry.

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If you are a business customer and would like more information on how to drive your project forward, please contact us.