Set in the shadow of the bucolic Malvern hills, 100 miles (160km) north west of London, is the Morgan Motor Company. For 111 years, it has been building cars here, and to this day every single vehicle is hand built by its skilled craftsmen and women.

Each one of the 800 cars to roll off the line each year features three core materials: aluminium, for the body panels; ash wood, for the frame which supports the body; and the finest leather, used to trim the cabin. Its current range comprises the four-cylinder 4/4 and Plus 4 models, the six-cylinder Roadster and Plus Six, as well as the eponymous 3 Wheeler.

The classic lines of the four-wheeled cars are inspired by flowing 1930s style, but the flagship Plus Six is no anachronism. Under the skin sits the BMW Turbo six-cylinder inline engine. This combination of cutting-edge powertrain technology and Morgan’s unique blend of craft and charisma makes for a unique proposition. It subscribes wholeheartedly to the ethos of ‘German heart, British soul’.

The incredible performance of the BMW engine, coupled with the Plus Six’s dry weight of just 1,075kg, makes for scintillating acceleration – 0-62mph (0-100kph) takes just 4.2 seconds. Yet it achieves this while providing effortless drivability, minimal fuel consumption and some of the lowest emissions of any Morgan car ever produced.

The Plus Six isn’t the first Morgan car to use a BMW engine. In fact, the relationship goes back two decades. The Morgan Aero 8 of 2001, and subsequent 2012 Morgan Plus 8, both featured BMW V8 powerplants. It’s a symbiotic collaboration, rare in its arrangement within the automotive industry. And it’s one that looks set to continue into the future, as the next generation of Morgan cars beckons.

Morgan Plus Six:
Fuel consumption in l / 100 km (combined): 8.2
CO2 emissions in g / km (combined): 180

If you are interested, please contact Mr. Robert Wurzberger, Robert.Wurzberger@bmw.de for further information.