The RT at full speed


In the summer of 2017, a strategically important decision was made at Rosenbauer: Building on CFT technology (CFT stands for Concept Fire Truck). The series development of this vehicle type has been started.

The CFT was the measurement of all things in terms of sustainability, functionality, ergonomics and driving dynamics. All of this had to be taken into the series development phase at the same level. Only the battery capacity of the concept vehicle was too low to be considered fit for purpose. Evaluations of telematics data showed that at least 50 kWh are required to be able to handle most fire brigade operations electrically. However, if the topology in a city is more demanding or a larger operating radius is required, additional storage capacities or an additional energy source is required.

Rosenbauer has a long-standing technological partnership with BMW: the first generations of the FOX portable pump were powered by BMW boxer engines. A special development partnership with BMW started for the CFT in 2014 and the 6-cylinder passenger car diesel engine with 3 l displacement, plus 200 kW output was implemented as a range extender. This high-performance engine should now be included in the series development, the development cooperation with BMW continued successfully, and the conclusion of a series supply contract for engines from the Steyr engine plant.

RT Dubai, RT Berlin and the Rosenbauer Management

So-called disaster resistance has a very high priority for fire departments. Long-term tests have already been carried out very successfully with RT Berlin, which have proven the fatigue strength of the range extender system: daily stages of up to 500 km and 12 hours of continuous pumping were successfully completed without electrical charging purely via the BMW range extender.

RT Launch - a virtual fireworks display.

On September 23, 2020 the time had come - due to COVID 19, the RT series solution was presented to the global public in a hybrid event at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz. The highlight was the “first mission” of the RTs for Berlin, Dubai and Amsterdam with flashing lights, police escorts and drone escorts from the Rosenbauer headquarters in Leonding across Linz to the Ars Electronica Center, where customers, technology partners and the Rosenbauer team at a corresponding distance were all extremely excited to welcome the vehicles.

This also marked the start of the fire brigade's intensive customer-specific acceptance tests before these vehicles will go into real-life testing on site in 2021.


If you are interested, please contact Sever Pusnik, for further information.

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After more than 30 years of supplying our business partner Rosenbauer with the BMW Motorrad boxer engine for the load capacity syringe, a new supply contract was signed between BMW AG and the business partner Rosenbauer. 

 Karsan trusts in BMW components


Not only Rosenbauer, also Designwerk and Karsan trust in BMW components. A business with potential - says Uwe Breitweg, Vice President Powertrain Systems Business Customers at the BMW Group.