The Turkish bus manufacturer Karsan electrifies its buses with technology from the BMW i3


Source: EuroTransportMedia Verlags- und Veranstaltungs-GmbH, printed version No. 12/2020, interview with Mr. Uwe Breitweg – Vice President Powertrain Systems Business Customers. Content from Julian Hoffmann, EuroTransportMedia and images from BMW/Lion Smart as follows: 

Interview: Not only Rosenbauer, also Designwerk and Karsan trust in BMW components. A business with potential - says Uwe Breitweg, Vice President Powertrain Systems Business Customers at the BMW Group.

?: Mr. Breitweg, Rosenbauer has long been using BMW motorcycle engines in portable pumps. Now the RT is even equipped with a car diesel from your company. Are such small numbers even of interest to BMW?

Breitweg: Yes, absolutely. This form of cooperation also distinguishes us from other OEMs. We do not see ourselves as a classic supplier. We are technology partners at eye level. Our business model is not simply to provide a high-performance diesel engine - without further support. Together with the customer, we ensure that the components work in the application. We are integrated in the development and maintain a close exchange beyond the series production up to the spare parts supply. In a portfolio view of small projects, where growth markets are involved, and large segments, where we are doing larger volumes, this is a highly profitable business. We serve a broad spectrum, from combustion engines, electrical components, high-voltage storage systems for stationary and mobile applications to licensing business.

?: And what about the durability of car engines in heavy commercial vehicles? Are there not far-reaching adjustments necessary?

Breitweg: As a primary drive, a high-performance unit from BMW actually makes little sense in heavy commercial vehicles. In the case of the Rosenbauer RT, in which the diesel drives the pumps, high torques are required over short periods of time - and the combination of high efficiency and high performance fits perfectly. Longevity and reliability are given - precisely because the components are developed at BMW according to high automotive standards.

?: Let's get to e-mobility. BMW is also a supplier here - for example, Karsan relies on components from the i3 in the Jest and Atak.

Breitweg: That's right - a Jest electric is therefore also on the move for BMW in the factory network. Both the drive and the battery technology come from our company. The big advantage for the customer: These components are also developed according to automotive standards. With this we can represent a long service life. And here we are talking about significant numbers.

?: Can you give us an insight into where BMW is still active in the commercial vehicle sector?

Breitweg: For example, the Futuricum e-truck from Designwerk in Switzerland is equipped with i3 technology. Especially in garbage disposal the electric drive can show its advantages. Another among many industrial customers is Lion Smart. In this way, Lion Electric's Canadian school buses will be electrified with i3 batteries. For us, the largest field is certainly the car segment - Toyota, among others, uses our four-cylinder diesel engines. We offer marketable solutions and support our industrial customers in close cooperation over the entire term. The customers benefit from the tried and tested BMW technology and can bring their applications to market in a short time.

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After more than 30 years of supplying our business partner Rosenbauer with the BMW Motorrad boxer engine for the load capacity syringe, a new supply contract was signed between BMW AG and the business partner Rosenbauer. 

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In the summer of 2017, a strategically important decision was made at Rosenbauer: Building on CFT technology (CFT stands for Concept Fire Truck). The series development of this vehicle type has been started.