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Designwerk is a Swiss company that is fully committed to electromobility. The founders' passion for e-mobility was ignited during their all-electric world record circumnavigation with the specially developed cabin motorcycle, "Zerotracer". With a wealth of experience, the two pioneers Frank Loacker and Tobias Wülser founded the company Designwerk in 2007. The active combination of their disciplines of engineering and industrial design sets it apart. Today the company's portfolio consists of more than 100 projects and three products manufactured by its very own production company.

In 2016, the developers faced their biggest challenge yet. In a lighthouse project, they started construction of four fully electric 26-tonne waste collection vehicles. The project was a complete success and was awarded the Watt d'Or energy prize from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The vehicles with the brand name Futuricum now dominate the streets of numerous cities and communities in Switzerland and abroad. The company has also been a BMW industrial customer since 2019 and installs the BMW i3 battery modules in their battery systems.


Drive, charge and save.

It is not only recycling logistics that is predestined for the electrification of trucks. Futuricum also produces vehicles for construction and distribution logistics. By the end of 2020, around 70 trucks will be in operation throughout Switzerland and the first vehicles will have been delivered abroad. In order to achieve a range of up to 760 kilometres, Designwerk has equipped a truck with four batteries. With a total storage capacity of 680 kilowatt hours, it is Europe's largest truck battery. Due to the high demand, production capacity is currently being expanded to 100 vehicles per year and a new hall has recently been added.

The portfolio also includes mobile rapid chargers and modular high-voltage batteries. The rapid chargers developed in 2013 are used by Europe's premium vehicle manufacturers and in China. Be it in development departments, workshops or during events. The high flexibility and an interchangeable cable system mean that quick chargers can be used practically anywhere.

With the production of lithium-ion battery packs, the company is further enabling SMEs and vehicle manufacturers to switch to e-mobility. The Batteriewerk brand relies on the reliable BMW i3 modules. These are installed in a complete system including cooling and control, which is constantly monitored by a battery management system (BMS).

All of these projects and products make Designwerk a competence centre for e-mobility. The interdisciplinary team has grown to almost 100 employees and stands for a can-do mentality and reliable, sustainable Swiss quality.

If you are interested, please contact Sever Pusnik, Sever.Pusnik@bmw.com for further information.

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Designwerk is a medium-sized company located in Switzerland pushing electric-mobility with innovative products and projects aiming to promote sustainable mobility. The company’s production programme includes Futuricum brand electric trucks and Batteriewerk brand energy storage systems both based on BMW i3 battery modules.